As many of you may be aware, the site is currently dormant, as I no longer own Our Hot Orange, he is however for sale down in Surrey, so if you haven't got one yet and want a highly specced mini, go have a look here.
I'll keep an eye on the site but sadly will no longer be able to update all you guys on all the Hot Orange news

Happy Birthday to Us

Yes we are one today 02/04/10, 12 months seem to have flown by, but on average we have aqquired one new member every month, can't be bad, must say I did expect more, but hey ho it wasn't to be.
So a big thankyou to you all for the support, may we get another 12 members this year.



2nd Apr' 2010 You may have noticed "It's Our Birthday Today"
29th Mar' 2010 New Link added: Welcome aboard Theron @ Sign My Ride .... Mini Graphic Specialist
28th Mar' 2010 New Member: A warm welcome to our latest member Donna
11th Feb' 2010 New member: A warm welcome to our latest member Emma (Orange-Bliss)
10th Feb' 2010 More reg' plates added to spotted list, are you on it?
8th Feb' 2010 Classifieds section added (members only)
4th Feb' 2010 Forum added: share your stories and chat to like minded people
3rd Feb' 2010 New member: A warm welcome to our latest member Lauren (OrangeMini88)
2nd Feb' 2010 New Cars Spotted added to list
2nd Feb' 2010 Members Stickers & Key rings coming soon, you'll like these, will post pics as soon as first batch done
1st Feb' 2010: e-mail tab added on contact form, so I can reply to your comments
1st Feb' 2010: Bingley Hall mini show pic's added on Gallery page

New Features added

We have now added a new registration form to make it easier to join, there are three parts, but all three don't have to be filled in.
Now we've had no new members for a while so maybe the registration will help out, plus I'm on a mission this year to welcome more members, we are averaging about 10 hits per day, so somebody's interested in us, so if your one of them and have an Hot Orange MINI, then please join up.

Would you like to see this in Hot Orange?

Well this was spied, and it seems the Roadster/Speedster may well be coming to our streets, Pics were let loose on the 50th Anniversary of the mini 26/08/09 of the new Coupe over on totalMINI and other car forums, and seems to be getting a good response from most, I for one will be putting a deposit down on either the Coupe or Speedster/Roadster, if it looks anything like the shots.
Paul over on totalMINI has been doing requests for colour changes to the Coupe and has even done a Photoshop of the Speedster/Roadster
see pics below for one Paul did for me, and a few I found on the web, guess what all in Hot Orange.
Click on any image for a larger size

Welcome to the Tribe

Welcome to our site dedicated to the R52 Hot Orange MINI Convertible

You are one of only 255 Hot Orange cars sold in the UK, the colour is unique to the convertible, now thats what we call exclusive, that's why we decided to set the Tribe up
Although we are a UK based Tribe, we will always welcome our overseas buddies, so why not send us details of your Hot Orange

Why Hot Orange Owners Tribe? Well wikipedia found the answer for me, plus owning one of these little beauties is a HOOT

A tribe, is a social group of humans connected by a shared system of values and organized for mutual care, defense, and survival beyond that which could be attained by a lone individual or family. When viewed historically or developmentally, a tribe is a mutual care system which, unlike a kingdom or state or other schema, is oriented around kinship and shared beliefs. Tribes can well exist simultaneously with other schema  such as states or other systems. They might consist of a social group existing before the development of, or outside of, states. Tribes are the most enduring and successful social survival system that has ever existed on earth. Tribes can exist within or without a state or kingdom and may or may not depend on the state or kingdom to endure.

A welcome must be said to totalMINI (link in our links page) a refreshing new mini forum without the ads, as most of you viewing this site will be aware of, but if you have come in from MINI2 then please check thier new forum with thier link above, but let it be said without MINI2 this web page may not exist or indeed totalMINI

A BIG THANKYOU must go to Craig for help with the above artwork

Who are we?
Enthusiasts not professionals, and we are
Andy, Gaz & Caz
We are the three founder members of HOOT, who each have a passion for all that is Hot Orange.

So over the coming weeks we will try our best to update the site, and maybe with help from future members we can have a site where we can share info on our cars and also meetings shows and the like.

If you have any recommendations, improvements or if you have any pics you would like to share with us then please use the registration / contact us tab at the top of the page.
Pics can be sent straight to our e-mail hotorangeowners@googlemail.com

We at the Tribe would like to make a massive welcome to our latest members:-
Mark (angryeyes) 27/04/09
Rallynor 12/05/09 (1/4 scale owner) (Australia)
Katie 17/05/09
Melissa 04/06/09
Carol 16/06/09
Sinead 25/06/09 (Ireland)
Claire 27/08/09
Dave (DokterQ) 14/10/09 (USA)
Lauren (OrangeMini88) 03/02/10
Emma (Orange-Bliss) 11/02/10